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Walking Up & Down Stairs
Walking upstairs after knee surgery
Adjusting the GingerLead
Ginger Tells Her Story
Degenerative Myelopathy

Help Aging or Recovering Dogs Walk Up & Down Stairs

Walking Upstairs after Knee Surgery using the GingerLead

Adjusting the GingerLead

Ginger the Golden: An Orthopedic Success Story

Degenerative Myelopathy: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

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16 Year Old Miss Bobbi and her GingerLead

Ginger, our 80 lb. Golden Retriever, demonstrates how her GingerLead sling helps support her rear legs, while the attached leash and handle gives us control of her speed. Her brother Wilson makes a cameo appearance with the GingerLead attached to his standard chest harness (which is available at most pet stores).
“This is our 16 year old Golden Retriever, Miss Bobbi. We just received our Ginger Lead one week ago... It has given her confidence and trust. Without the guidance of it, she falls and is unable to get up. You would never know when watching this video that she has multiple issues... I highly recommend everyone who has a dog...any age, any size, who has issues with mobility to get a GingerLead. Don't wait until it gets too bad... I am just amazed at how great this has helped our miss Bobbi... I only wished I had got her one several months ago... it was starting to affect my back with having to pick her up every time she fell or to go up and down the stairs.. Now, with the GingerLead I don't have those back worries... And she just loves having it on... As you see in the video, she thinks she can run!”
Max, a 90 lb. male Lab, is being helped up the stairs with the GingerLead dog support and rehabilitation harness during his recovery from knee (CCL) surgery. The GingerLead provides confidence for Max, knowing that he’s being supported and will not fall if he stumbles (which he does towards the top of the stairs).
A brief lesson on adjusting the straps from the GingerLead sling to allow the handler to remain upright while giving support to a dog. Metal sliders on each strap allow the sling to be adjusted for height to fit you and your dog. Visit our sizing page for additional details.
16 Year Old Golden Retriever
Ginger, our Golden Retriever, underwent multiple orthopedic surgeries, the first at 6 months old for severe hip dysplasia (the surgery was called a Triple Pelvic Osteotomy or TPO and is usually only performed on puppies a year old or younger). A few years later she underwent surgery on her left knee for a Patellar Luxation. Ginger was almost 10 at the time we made this video.  This is her story. Click here to learn more about Ginger...
Exercise is very important to help delay muscle atrophy associated with CDRM.  Our padded dog sling provides support for dogs with weak hind legs, while the attached leash offers additional stability, if attached to a chest harness, while supporting your dog. Need more information on Degenerative Myelopathy?  Visit My Dog Has DM: A Personal Journey Caring for a Dog with Degenerative Myelopathy to learn what to expect as well as some helpful tips. WARNING: The content of this  video may be upsetting and  difficult to watch
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Assist Aging or Recovering Dogs with Stairs

16 Year Old Miss Bobbi and her GingerLead

Walking Upstairs after Knee Surgery

Adjusting the GingerLead Dog Support Harness

Ginger the Golden: An Orthopedic Success Story

Degenerative Myelopathy / CDRM

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